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To share photos or other types of documents with family or friends.


  1. Create an album
  2. Notes on creating albums
  3. Placing photos in an album
  4. Deposit multiple photos at once
  5. Uploading photos by guests
  6. Browse photos (navigation, slideshow)
  7. Publish an album on the web


1. Create an album


  • To create your album, you must become a member of the community (it's fast and free). Click on " create my account "At the top right, and follow the directions below.
  • Once you become a member, join the service
  • Arrived on, you have to create your first album (to put pictures there). To do this, click on "Create a new album".
  • Enter the name of your album, then choose whether it will be public, shared, shared or private:
    • Public (green albums)
      All members have access to the documents of this album (also allows to use these photos as illustrations of articles on the site or on other sites).
    • Shared (orange albums)
      Enter the email (s) of the friends who will have access to the photos of this album. They alone will be able to see the photos that you have arranged in this album. You can change the list of your friends at any time by clicking on "Edit".
      When you have finished dropping your photos in your album, launch invitations to your friends to come and visit it: get into your album, and click on each name of your friends. You can also use the "Send all invitations" function.) The white areas then become red, indicating that an invitation has been sent (they will become green when the invitation has been used). Your friend will receive a secure email, with a single click he will be able to visit and even comment on this album, without having to create an account.
    • Mutualized (blue albums)
      Shared albums have the same functions as shared albums, except that guests can also add their photos to them. In this case, the pseudo of the guest will appear in parentheses next to the name of his photos.
    • Private (red albums)
      The "private" option makes the documents in this album invisible to other members. It is the ideal option if you want to access it anywhere (friends, work, travel ...) while keeping them confidential.



2. Remarks:


  • Inviting a contact will give him, through the email he will receive, a direct link to the album in question (and only this album). He will have access to all the photos stored in this album. When he uses his invitation and visits your album, you receive an email warning you of his visit. In addition, visitors can directly leave a comment on your album!
  • It is possible to invite as many contacts as you want.
  • A guest who is not a member will have to use his invitation in the email to access the album. If he is a member, There will be direct and permanent access to his account in the "My Friends" section.
  • It is possible to change the settings of the albums at any time: to pass an album from "private" to "shared", to add or remove contacts for the shared albums, ... To do this, click "Modify".
  • You can create as many albums as you want, each with its own settings, its own guest list of friends, his own pictures ...
  • To exit an album and find the list of all your albums: use the b Outon "or" Explore my albums ".
  • To go into an album and see the photos it contains, add, delete ... simply click on the cover of the album.


3. To upload photos to an album (Whether public, private, shared or shared):


  • Once your album has been created, click on the wallet that represents it to enter it. Then click on the "Add to this album" icon to upload your first photo in this album.
  • You access an input field. Click "Browse" to find the file (s) on your hard drive and upload them. In the opened window, you can select multiple files at once, by drawing a rectangle with the mouse around it, or by holding down the Ctrl key.
  • You can then give a title and a caption (which will appear below the image during a zoom or illustration) by clicking on the "modify" button to the right of each photo.
  • Here, your photos are online in your album! Repeat the process to add more !!!
  • To know more you can also see the FAQ: 163 # 03

zip4. Upload multiple photos at once

          By multiple selection

  • Click "Add to this album", then click the "Browse" button.
  • In the open window, select multiple files by dragging a rectangle around it, or by holding down the Ctrl key.

          By a Zip file (compression of a set of files)

  • In your file explorer, choose a set of photos, or an entire directory.
  • Make an archive (a compressed file) in ZIP format (or other archive format). Save it where you want on your computer.
  • If you do not know how to create a Zip archive, see the article "Create a Zip archive"
  • In your album, click "Add to this album".
  • Instead of adding a photo, click "Browse" to select your ZIP file.
  • The file will then load and your photos will be automatically uncompressed in the album!

download5. Uploading Photos by Guests


  • In an album, hover over a photo with the mouse. Icons appear, including the one representing an arrow, which has the function "Download".
  • Second option: open a photo. Right-click and select "Save Image As ...".
  • To download the entire album, click on "Download" (between the "Edit" and "Slideshow" functions.) You will get a ZIP file that you can save on your computer. all the pictures.

diaporama6. Browse photos: Previous / Next and Slideshow


  • Open a photo. You can click on the left and right arrows to move to the previous or next picture. This function is available on the keyboard using the cursor keys "left arrow" and "right arrow".
  • Press the key< Espace >To start the slideshow (delay of 5 seconds between each photo). Press again to pause the slideshow.
  • You can also launch the slide show directly by clicking "Slide Show" in the album options.
  • By moving the cursor at the bottom of the screen, a carroussel appears, in which you can directly choose a photo.


  7. Publish an album on the internet (public albums only)


  • In your album, click "Publish".
  • In the window that opens, copy the HTML code that is offered to you.
  • Insert this code on a website, for example in one of your articles, in one of your ads, or to illustrate a post on a forum.
  • The dynamic artwork of your album will appear!
  • Dynamic, yes: when you edit your album, it will be up to date on the site where you published it, but the cover will also have an up-to-date preview!

A remark that is important: for members, albums are not limited to photos. You can also store your letters, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF documents ...
Share your family photos, always have your documents available wherever you are, all in complete confidentiality, you will quickly find the Zaclys Album service indispensable!

If you have a problem with using albums, or just a question, an idea, a remark, you can use the "Contact" button at the top of the page to leave us a message!


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Info30 reactions.

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 26/05/2015 10:53

    Ok. Donc il faut ouvrir la photo, puis clic droit, et "copier l'adresse de l'image". Puis coller dans le post du forum.

  • by olivier (non connecté) - 24/05/2015 06:53

    Exactement, ceci afin de partager via un forum

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 18/05/2015 09:17

    Bonjour olivier
    Vous voulez dire avoir l'URL d'une photo au lieu de l'album c'est ça ?

  • by olivier (non connecté) - 17/05/2015 07:25

    Est ce qu'il est possible de créer un bbcode sur une seule photo ?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 31/10/2014 09:02

    Bonjour platanes
    Pour le moment non, mais c'est prévu.
    En attendant, il faut cliquer sur "tout voir", puis faire une recherche via la fonction de votre navigateur.
    Pour Firefox par exemple, appuyez sur Ctrl + F, puis rentrez un mot clé (auteur ou titre d'album) dans la zone de recherche.

  • by platanes (Zaclynaute) - 30/10/2014 22:24

    y a t-il un outil de recherche des albums publics?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 04/10/2013 08:47

    Voilà, j'ai ajouté la notion d'albums mutualisés dans la page d'aide. A l'occasion, je mettrai à jour d'autres parties.

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 03/10/2013 14:31

    Bonjour. Oui, c'est possible pour les albums "mutualisés" (albums bleus). Cette fonction étant relativement récente, elle n'apparaît pas dans cette page d'aide. Je la mets à jour dès que possible.

  • by nyraph (non connecté) - 03/10/2013 14:22

    Est-il possible que les invités upload des photos à l'album ?

  • by Bill (Zaclynaute) - 26/08/2013 21:54

    La conservation de la qualité des photos dépend du type de compte (de base, argent, or), tel que vous pouvez le voir dans le tableau récapitulatif :,1,abonner
    Si vous voulez garder les dimensions d'origine de vos photos au-delà, vous pouvez utiliser notre service d'envoi de gros fichiers :

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